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Just added post themes! Witness The Colors, and Exult!

EVA_voice: "Jungle Coder 2.0 Online"


yumaikas, aka Andrew Owen, aka me, your proprietor of all things junglecoder.com


This is the second major version of junglecoder.com as a website. The old version was in Go, and while it had a venerable inspiration for the layout/design, I’ve progressed as a creative, and have new ideas and goals, and inspirations (don’t blame Xe for my color choices, tho, they are my own).


4 coding sessions over the last two months from 2023-7-20. A multitude of various pokings at Phoenix/Elixir.


On the internet, for edification and entertainment!


Because I want to have fun! Because I don’t want to write Go to maintain my old site. Because I want to do stranger, more cursed, less corporalegible things with this particular site. Like give every post it’s own color scheme, or build a set of arcade pages for the various games I’ve made, or


A confluence of thinking about it, and then doing it off and on. There’s more I want to do, but this layout overhaul is a start.

More concretely, wsl2, iex, Phoenix, SQLite and some late nights


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