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Academic Portfolio

EDIT: These are rather old compared to what I’ve had time to do since.

Below are some links to some of the more interesting programs that I’ve done for school. None of these programs necessarily represents my best work, but you find might them entertaining or educational. This list will get updated as I add more of my learning-experience programs online.

Riemman Sums Calculator

This program calculates a Riemann Sum based on user inputted expression. I collaborated with a friend on this one, and with some help from our Calc 1 professer, we presentated it at the FGCU ASPIRE conference in 2013. My favorite bits about this project included the oppurtunity to work with Reactive UI. Here is the code on github.


A late night (plus some tinkering) project that applies basic trig to create an analog clock using python and the tkInter UI. It was for my COP-1000 class at then Edison State College. Code on github


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